Monday, July 13, 2009

sebastian voodoo

Sebastian's Voodoo from Joaquin Baldwin on Vimeo.

mga repa, ang ganda nito :)
..may tamang angas and puso.. (at least sa aking mata :))
chek nyo 'to :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


SUMMER.. i texted Steve about a great possibility of film guild resurrection. That we can make this happen! That we will be bringing the first Oscars to Philippines. And in delight and smiles, many said, "that's the fighting spirit". But i answered, "No. It's the plan!".

Many weeks passed and we got nothing (yet) to show. The vision in our soul seems like an illustration for all that heard my braggadocio. Sad, sad, sad :(

Kelan mga repa, magsisimulang dumaloy ang masaganang katas? Parang pigsa, konting galaw lang, puputok na! Pero ang kape'y lumalamig ng walang umiinom. Dinadapuan na lamang ng mga langaw. At ang hangin ay nagpye-pyesta, may kasamang alikabok. Baka kung uminom pa'y maubo lang.

Siguro'y konting kalamansi lang ay matitigil na ang sipon. Hindi gamot sa botika. Natural vitamin C pare!

Konting usog pa, tatakbo na ang pampasaherong dyip! Umiiyak na ang mga batang kandong ng mga magulang na hindi iniintindi ang tumutulong sipon sa pag-iyak ng anak. Lumolobo at sisinghutin ulet na pabalik sa ilong. Putang ina! ..An'sakit sa dibdib, bad for the health.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

hindi mataas ang aming pinag-aralan. ..MALALIM !

dyaraaann.. intro, unang banat!

WHILE system of a down is accompanying me while im staring blank in the sky, the soundtrack of Zorro (yez, starring richard g) keeps playing in my head. How cool is that.. Janno sings no other lyrics except for "Zorro.. Zorro..", ad nauseam! haha :) and im not being sarcastic here, honest! Nakaka-LSS, repa!
Last year, when i first hear DLSL's alma mater hymn.. I asked "why the short (and few) lyrics?". Now, Zorro beats that! :) And i keep on singing it. Sa isip ko as well, with volume :)


Anyway, to proceed..

jacques santos..
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! can i even put it to words?! Repa, putang ina.. ang galing mo! Im giving you 100 for this assignment. And this is my first time to give a hundred grade. Of course, in objective-type exams, students can always have that numbers. But for an article so subjective.. this is my fuckin 1st time to give 100. Yes, the content is admirable. But as im always saying in class, at times (and yes, many times).. the message is the massage. It is how you say it. It's the rhythm. Then comes balls. Then comes sincerity (another important consideration).

Close second is Sol.. I gave you 98. Class, you may want to read their assignments. Im not forcing you. Read it at your leisure time :) ..Forcing is for lame-oh! ..Is is not education. The very reason military discipline is way too hard for me. Philosophically speaking, there is no discipline except self-discipline. For what is it called if ain't from one's self?! That's no fuckin discipline. That is fear. Same's true with education. If you don't want to go to class, then fuck.. don't! Go somewhere else that can satisfy more your heart :) My previous students know that. And i know that more or less, you know im honest saying it. But that's another story, or blogspot post :)

I am mentioning these things in lieu of a comment. That some indie films were watched because professors dictate it. Yes, you're correct. Come the Cinemalaya month, throngs of students will go to CCP or UP to watch indie. But for grade's sake. Fuckin sad. I remember when i was in san beda. First sunday mass is a must! Attendance will be checked. But damn the attendance.. the hell with it. I will go if i want and wont if i don't. And mass attendance (or the lack of it) is one of the reasons i almost wasn't able to graduate on-time. Sagrado katoliko ako at naniniwala ako sa Dyos pero hindi ako relehiyoso. Our history will tell us that Roman Catholicism's first agenda is not religion. religion is their instrument. But not the end goal. For what? For land conquer. In case you're not familiar with Magellan. But of course, i know you do. His philippine arrival (the month and date, not the year :)) is also my birthdate :)

no indie, no mainstream, no categories

Now going back to indie and mainstream and piracy and other shitty-shitty-bang!-bang!..

Thank you Sol for mentioning (and yes, some others have similar points).. that whether it is indie or mainstream, let's make no big fuzz about it. Back were the years when there was no category of such.. Pinoy cinema as creators of good movies, period. Insiang, Itim, Maynila sa Kuko ng Liwanag, etc.. They are mainstream films shown for the masses. Even Joey Gosienfiao's Temptation Island and other flicks are now considered cult classics with its own taste and novelty.

(ana mae rosales, 94)

movies to entertain

Movies and mainstream TV shows, like love, is an opium.
A number of you were saying that some movies don't have moral standpoint or something to that effect. I hope you will not get me wrong. But if im wrong, then i want to hear your side too :) ..Class, i don't need moral lessons to enjoy a movie, to say that a film is great. Yes, there are movies that show hard-bitting realities. There are movies that can awaken patriotism. There are movies that push change. Yes, a bonus! But not a prerequisite. Despite the popular adage that movies or art in general should push a moral stance.. I can say otherwise. Let the moralists do it. Let them formulate rules and do hypocrisies. And i honestly think that it is the beauty of art. We express and communicate. If what we want to say are rotten ideologies and cruel intentions, so be it. There are no moral or immoral books. Only bad storytelling!

The masses are not watching indie films. And it is not their fault. They are not entertained! Wala silang mahita sa panonood ng mga malalalim na istoryang wala namang nakakaintindi! Some indie writers and directors are so full of themselves that they are forgetting to communicate what they want to say. Mga pelikulang kelangan pa ng open forum para makapagpaliwanag ang writer and director kung baket ganun ang eksena, kung baket ganun ang kwento.. Tapos dun pa lang maiintindihan ng mga nanood na ah kaya pala ganun yung chever, kaya pala ganun yung keme keme..
Actually, that was not insulting to audience's understanding level.. That was fuckin' pathetic in the creators' standpoint! kaya lang naintindihan dahil nagpaliwanag ka na?! The film should speak for itself. Kung maganda yun.. e di yun yun.. Maganda! Kung panget, e di panget! Kung nakakalito.. e di nakakalito. Quentin Tarantino don't owe me an explanation what's happening to Pulp Fiction. Tim Burton need not spell out what's the matter with Nightmare Before Christmas or Corpse' Bride. We see the film and experience it and that's it.. No fuckin bloody explanation from creators! What you can not show in your film, you can not offset it by having eloquent clarifications in each every fuckin showing of your fuckin "brilliant" film. So "brilliant" that only you (and you alone) can understand.

(arabella dawn culla, 92. clarissa caringal, 89. michelle reyes, 89. claire guerrero, 90. chantal lacorte, 89. rachel pedraja, 91)

not yet an oscar for noypi!

By the way, bago ko malimutan.. Renei Angela Perez,
alam mo bang naloka ako sa isa sa mga info na nakasulat sa comment mo :)
you got the wrong info po.. Salamat na lang at maganda ang mood ko tonite :) may nasabi ka kasi na some indie films pa nga, may mga nakuha nang oscar awards chever chever..
Yes, article writing is about rhythm and balls and heart's sincerity. But before that, get your information right first. I know that after reading this, you will say na you don't mean oscars. that you mean some other international recognition(s). Kaya naman hindi na den ako gano nag over-the-top-react-shen.. Pero next time po, please, sana wala nang maling informas-shen :)
Anyway, i gave you 90. you have good relak writing :)

going back to indie..

sorry if im saying too much about indie. this is a subject very close to my heart. skip this part if you don't want to read this. actually, you can skip the whole post, if you want. just ask your classmates what grade i gave you :)
anyway, to continue..
i can always understand why mainstream cinema lacks experimentation. you know that it is because the producers are too afraid to try something new because they think it might scare away the paying masses. our mainstream directors and writers may (or may not) know that they are doing shit. but they are paid in doing so. borrowing ninja man's analogy (a friend and also an abs-cbn writer), if you're a hired killer.. you will be killing the person your financier tells you in the manner that he wants. because you were hired precisely for that purpose. if you don't want it, then don't. but of course, he will be giving you the payment no more.

and in the case of indie.. wala na ngang kumokontrol sa ideas nila.. pwede na ngang maging malaya.. wala den namang maibigay na pambihira at kagilagilalas na pelikula! (but of course, save to few that can deliver the goodies)
baka naman kasi, the problem here is not the control (of big producers).. the problem here is creativity! e sino ba naman (in general) ang mga indie writers and directors na yan?! ..either natanggal sa mainstream network (kasi masyadong far-out at hindi naman magaganda ang ideas.. mga ideas na wala namang ibang nakakaintindi kundi ang sarili lang) or mga apply nang apply sa mainstream networks pero hindi natatanggap! mga walang alam sa komunikasyon! naalala ko nung ininterview ko dati si Joey Reyes, andami dami daw indie directors, nakagawa lang ng isang short film na hindi mo alam kung saan ipinalabas.. ang yayabang na! sabi pa nya, being a filmmaker doesnt comprise of a single movie.. it is a body of works, a culture of excellence!

BY the way, some have interesting movies to tell..
Some of you mentioned Maximo Oliveros, Magnifico, Public Enemies, etc.. Yes, i like those movies too. In the case of Public Enemies.. Yes, i want to watch it too.. Syempre, si Idol yun! Johnny Depp! I will aslo recommend den pala Ato Bautista's Sa Aking Pagkagising Mula sa Kamulatan. It is written by Shugo Praico. The writer of abs-cbn's series' Spirits. Shugo knows indie, as well the mainstream. Same reason with maximo oliveros. Its producer (raymond lee) and writer (michiko yamamoto).. matagal sila sa mainstream and alam den nila ang inide.. so ayun :) By the way, Michiko is also the writer of Magnifico. Oh-ha! :)

Sorry pala sa mga im disagreeing ha :) but rest assured, hindi yun nakakaapekto sa grades. as i said po, we are discussing things for discussion's sake. (and uhmm.. yes, for enlightenment na den :)). And i must say thank you sa mga nag-di-disagree. Walang diskusyon kung lahat kayo, sumasang-ayon sa sinasabi ko :)

I don't like po Kubrador. Ano yung last part? anong nangyari? ganun na lang yun? Yes, maganda ang directing. Pero yung kwento.. isang malaking malaking "HA?!" ..Wala namang nangyari e.. Walang malupit na wrapping up. Wlang boom! ..Yes, pwedeng sabihin na ang new school of thought ay sumasang-ayon sa bitin na storytelling.. Pero sa case ng kubrador.. parang bitin na wala nang maisip sa kwento e.. Again, sori sa mga hindi ko kapareho ng opinyon :)

Same's true with "Nasaan si HApiness". Susmaryosep! Trying hard sa comedy! Trying hard pa sa pagiging musical. hay nakoh..
Sori po :)

(del carmen manalo, 89. Clarinezz, 90. lady dovy, 92)


now lez go to piracy,
sabi ni mao.. anluma na daw ng topic :) haha :) korak!
and u mentioned hayden-katrina scandal..
class, where is your sympathy? im sori ha.. pero hindi ko makuhang magakaro'n ng symapthy for kathrina (in this certain case). My god, si Vicky and si Hayden nung time na yun, di ba? And Kathrina's crying as if sya ang biktima? Yes, u can tell me.. sir, ur missing the point, naka-video si Kathrina nang hindi nya alam. Hindi naman si Hayden ang naglabas nun ah.
Class, come to think of it.. Even after the scandal, si Kathrina, pumirma ng kontrata sa Belo Medical Group as endorser. Yes, may scandal na!
Vicky was saying na company decision yun. Na hindi lang naman sya ang stockholder ng company. I think i can understand that. Nakita ng napakadaming mata na makinis naman pala si Kathrina.. and then patok na patok ang scandal, might as well use the publicity for them And in Kathrina's case.. hu-wat??!! di ba inereklamo mo ang mga utaw.. di ba war kayo.. pero sige na nga, pirma na den kontrata for them :)
unlike maricar.. lumabas sya sa noontime show, sumayaw sya as part ng promotion, i think may bago syang show sa a.b.s..
ang kewl kung papano ulet sya lumabas in public..
yes, siguro nasira sya.. pero isang labas lang nya, buo na ulet sya.
and she doesn't cry foul over the top.
that's what makes her deserve a true apology from hayden.
but kathrina.. hay nakoh.. i rest my case.
and yes, the gossip na scripted ang mga keme keme na yun.. na dapat umiyak, dapat magdemanda for more anda and publicity.. yes, lolit solis wrote that script!
hindi ang scandal video ang nakakasira kay kathrina.. yung reaksyon nya!
at sa mga hipokrito at moralistang kumokondena sa scandal.. (lalo na yung mga lalake.. yes, tinutukoy ko yung mga lumalabas sa tv and sa net saying things..) my god.. pinanood nyo den e! fucker!

anyway, going back to piracy..
..nag-uusap kami ni jotay (kapitbahay ko sa pasay and manager ng brownman revival and kapatid ni boybakat na kasama ko sa mga indie-indiehan :)) some weeks weeks ago..
sabi nya, andami daming artists (musicians and bands, he's saying) na hipokrito.. na stop piracy chever chever..
e ang liit lang naman daw ng royalty na nakukuha from their record labels. hindi pa nila alam kung nabibigay nga lahat sa artist ang tamang royalty..
ang totoong kita, nasa gig! provincial man or manila.
so kelangang mapagusapan, kelangang marinig ang music nila, ..kung sa paraan man na may ginawang commercial, o narinig sa radio, or napanood sa music video.. etc. and that of course, include piracy! .. and yes, hindi lang sya ang nagpapasalamat sa piracy. pati yung iba pang mga arttists. nakakarating sa mga malalayo, liblib, and even depressed areas ang kanilang kanta because of piracy. that translates to more gigs.
e baket yung ibang artists nagsasabi ng no to piracy? bandwagon e! ..dapat yun ang sinasabi e.. without even being true to self!

to those that were asking, mawawala pa ba ang piracy.. your answer is as good as mine.. tama kayo, hindi na forever. because it is convenient and pro-poor. and yes, ano namang pakelam natin kung malugi ang viva or ang regal or ang starcinema.. baket, may pakelam ba sila sa atin? baket ba andami daming commercials and advocates saying and telling us, and threatening us that piracy is bad?! yes, it is bad.. for them! but it is good for the masses. e maging ang mga malalaki ngang company (yes, like viva and regal, etc), may underground arm for piracy. they can't fuckin beat it, so they're joining!
and even the proposition papers where anti-piracy groups are writing.. sigurado ba kayo na hindi yun pirated? hehe :)

(querubin precious grace, 89. Kristine kenneth cua, 95. )

Arvin lat has a good point.. thanx to piracy.. maging si Aling Bebang, pag walang magawa, naisasaksak yung binili ng anak nyang "death note (anime)" or yung grey's anatomy..
Piracy is bridging the gap. Nagkakaron ng global culturization and awareness because of piracy. Hindi na mahirap hanapin ang dating mga hard to find na classic films, mga tv series na pinagpyepyestahan ng mundo..

(arvin lat, 89)

Maybe, just maybe.. piracy is the instrument that can bring Aling Bebang to watch intelligent shows.

(marwin salvador, 92. aiko akiko morita, 90)

Minsan, i buy original den :)

I have a separate comments dun sa mga naunang nag-post.. isa dun si Gerald. Gusto ko lang ulitin dito yung ilan kong nasabi dun :) ..Yes, gerald, ako den, may mga pagkakataong bumibili pa den ng original. All my Eraserheads CDs, original! I fuckin adore the band that i honestly think i am not giving justice to my heart's content if pirated ang bibilhin ko kung Eheads album.

Of course, hindi ko ginawa yun for BMG.. the hell with BMG Records! Ginawa ko yun dahil yun ang appreciation ko. With Gerald, it is Hale. I might not share that music preference. Honestly, i am not a fan of Hale. But what i agree with you is.. may mga pagkakataon talaga, that we will be buying the original.

Actually, yung CD ko ng MCR, original den. That was the time na goth is not mistaken pa for emo bandwagon. Ngayon kasi, super bandwagon na e.. Wala nang espesyal :) Isipin nyo, Tim Burton is doing goth films dati dati pa.. hindi naman sya emo.. GAnun den si Neil Gaiman, dark themes.. mga panahong hindi pa bandwagon ang ganun..

(gerald louie dimaculangan, 90)

Anyway, to continue..

Maria victoria casas (91)..
What's wrong being in the proletariat sector? we are discussing this for discussion's sake ha.. but this masa that we call non compos mentes.. nasa kanila ang buhay at kamatayan ng industry :)

(kristine sonza, 89)

Rochel maranan (92) (and yung iba pang nagsabi den ng ganito).. have good point.. may natutulungan den nga naman ang piracy.. yung mga maliliit na vendors.. Pampakain den sa pamilya yung kinikita nilang maliit sa pagbebenta ng piracy. E mas makakasimpatya pa nga naman ako sa mga 'to kesa sa viva or bmg na umaangal ng pagkalugi dahil sa piracy.. di ba :)

Sorry mga repapips ha.. kung saan saan na naman pumapasok ang mga sinasabi ko.. bog-sa na naman! yez, bog-sa, yat-pu and lat-su! :)

bigla kasing naisip ko yung pinag-usapan namin ni ninja man. one of idle moments with kapegarilyo..
in a utopic world, we will be having goods for free.
many kasi, they are complaining na pano naman ang pinaghirapan nilang artwork.. hindi naman mababayadan..
ako kasi, kung gagawa ako ng pelikula, ..kung makikita ko sa quiapo, makati cinema square, kalookan, baclaran, night market, big ben, etc.. ang aking pelikula.. honestly, i wouldn't mind. mas gusto ko nga madami makapanood e.. hindi naman inaalis ng mga piratang yun ang pangalan ko sa credits e.. sakin pa den yun..
yes, mababawasan ang kita..
pero yun lang ba ang mahalaga..
may work naman na pagkakakitaan.. at may art na ipamamahagi.. na gusto mong madaming makaalam :)

(maree aiko dawn lipat, 89)

elaibyu (90), learn to choose what's good shit or not :) ..ang mga pirated ngayon, hindi tulad ng piracy dati. ngayon, andami nang magagandang kopya na pirated. syempre pag bumili kayo ng mga 18 in 1.. talagang wala na yun.. pero yun gmga single copy, tapos from blu-ray pa or hd.. anggaganda ng copy, pwamis! walang pinagkaiba sa original.

May mga gusto pa sana akong sabihin pero feeling ko.. pa-chaka na nang pa-chaka ang aking ritmo at blahblah.. at nagiging boring na ang kwento huhu :)

i think i should come back na lang in some other nites to write.. kanina pa pumipikit ang aking mata. kamay na lang ang gumagalaw. may mga iba pang dapat gawin huhu ulet :)

baka nga iba na ang lumalabas sa kamay sa iniisip ng puso :) syet! dramang walang kwenta :) haha :)

nauubusan na ako ng gasolina :)

thanx pala sa mga nagcomments den sa rammstein, kay mj's death, movies to watch, etc.. ang hapi :) hehe :)

yung iba pala, kung saan saan nagcomment :) haha :) ..yung para sa assignment ha.. pero kung saan saan nagpost ng comment.. kwela kayo ha :) hehe :)

jane villanueva 93 (ayus den yung writing chever mo, u have something to tell.. relak ang pagsusulat, that's good :))
randolph montalbo 90 (may matinong opening..)
kay oji (92) at sa iba pang nag-disagree on some points, thank you very very much.. kelngan yun sa isang dynamic na discussion.
nikki (93), i have a copy of nightmare b4 christmas :) dvd copy from blu ray.. super ganda ng copy hehe :) nang-inggit :)
ninay blue, 93. sori ninay, i cant talk much na.. ubos na gasolina after hours of writing :) but pwamis, sa mga ibang pagkakataon.. magco-comment na ako ng madami sayo.. wag ka na den gano late submit :) hehe :)
mimi reyes, 92. abigail villegas, 90. jaeinah kamille de castro punio, 93.
ella camille marajas (89), ur right, big companies, they have underground arms for piracy.
joana belsonda (90), china is a piracy haven. and it ain't a turn-off to foreign investments. actually, they are maximizing it. it becomes their novelty. how kewl is that! :)
chuzalyn martin, 89.
williebeth adajar 92.
cassandra moira sawali 92.
precious grace querubin 89.
angela jeannine salud 89.

u3a and u3b..
eto yung irereport nyo this tuesday..
microphones and sound page 95 to 122
the console page 25 to 56

You dont have to report it all and drag the whole class to boredom..
skip some things if you must. keep the phase fast. entertain the audience.
be knowledgeable or at least appear knowledgeable :)

dun pala sa nagcomment sa dog tag.. i know you haha :)

and now..
the closing remarks for this boring shit..


Class, this is not a sample of a good article, honest!

but there are certain points that i want to say before i end your misery..

the class in general, have those elements i shall say commendable :) you write in good rhythm and most have balls to disagree. that's fuckin great!

sa mga susunod pa nating gagawin.. remember these things..
don't forget your killer intro! interest repa! interest!
then continue the fast phase. that is what tv writing and production's all about.
and of course, the big (or subtle) wrapping up.
wow them in the end! at lahat na ng loopholes sa mid parts ay mapapatawad na :)

with regards to film and narrative tv shows..
isipin nyo.. madali lang gumawa ng mga kwentong manglilito ng manonood.. or maaangas na eksena.. or magandang shots..
pero ang kaluluwa ng kwento ay nasa puso ng istorya. nasa emotion. kaya nyo bang patawanin ang audience, or magpangiti man lang.. or makaantig ng damdamin, ma-touched sila.. or magpakilig..
na ma-experience nila ang sinasabi ng pelikula habang nanonood sila..
yun yun repa :)
anyway, opinyon ko lang naman yun :)
maybe, ur teacher is as cluless as you. and as i always say, walang monopolyo ng tama and beauty. i am saying what i honestly feel and think.. and you should do the same. don't agree with me all the time :) ganun den ako, i can not agree with you all the time :)

i will leave you (for now) with what donna marie gonzales (89) said..
"mas masarap ang pelikula kung may madudukot kang popcorn."

I agree. Pero hindi popcorn ang naisip ko :) haha (ibang chichiria :))
Yes, hindi ko na isusulat dito yung naisip ko. Green na nga yung joke, hindi pa nakakatawa haha :)
pero natatawa ako :) hehe :)

see you in class mga repapips and repakols!

magandang umaga :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

shutter island

diCaprio and scorcese! :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

funny people

adam sandler.. idol! :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

ps 3 to drop down price by 75 percent this august, sony announced

ps 3 to drop down price by 75 percent this august, sony announced. from 399 dollars, they are considering to make it 100 :) oh-ha! :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

goodbye, michael :(

goodbye, michael :(